Most uses of Apple have been relatively protected against malicious act

ivity that has overwhelmed those in the Windows world. Unfortunately, that will be changing in 2017

If you haven’t noticed there has been a larger number of people purchasing and using Apple desktop and laptop devices. This is great for Apple however, this means the attention has clearly been noticed by criminals.


“The criminals go where consumers and enterprises are,” Ed Cabrera, vice president at TrendMicro stated.  “If consumers and enterprises are utilizing more Apple products, then that’s where they’re going to focus their activity, because that’s where the money is going to be.”

What many security companies have reported in 2016 is the breach will be directed at the domain name system! The DNS converts domain names into corresponding IP addresses. If a domain name can’t be paired with its IP address, then a browser becomes lost on the Net.

So, if you thought buying an Apple would mean you would be exempt from cyber crime, you need to figure out a new plan and quick!