//Laptop System Factory Restore

Laptop System Factory Restore


If your laptop can’t boot or something is wrong with the partition of installed OS, a system factory restore may be a good choice. This service assumes that you either don’t need the data on the computer or that you have already backed it up to restore from once the system restore is complete.

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If you have a laptop that has a corrupt partition or has a problem that is preventing the device from booting and you don’t really care about the data that is on the drive, an OS reinstall may be the best option. An OS reinstall is basically removing everything from the drive of the computer and making it operate like new. All programs, files, settings, and preferences will be deleted and reset to factory settings. This solution is preferable over a data recovery or virus scan for people who already have file backups and just want their computer back ASAP. The typical cost of this service is 99$ (as well as the cost of the activation key of the new operating system in some cases) and the turnaround is 2-3 business days.


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