//Laptop Virus Removal

Laptop Virus Removal


If your laptop is slow and unresponsive or if you are seeing pop-ups and intrusive programs, you may simply have a virus that needs to be removed. Let our technicians run extensive scans with a suite of software and remove all the malicious content in your laptop!

Product Description

Virus removal is one of our core services and one of the most popular for personal computers. When you bring a computer or device in to us with a suspected virus, we run a suite of sweeps and scans to root out any hidden rootkits, viruses, worms, trojans, and keyloggers. The typical turn around for this type of service is 3-5 business days and the cost of this service is 129$. If your computer is exhibiting symptoms of viruses or malware such as pop-ups, slow performance, unrecognized programs running in the background, or unusual behavior when booting, you may want to get it checked out as these are symptoms of infection.


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